Testing the all new ManFunnel by BillyWho for the XR650R.

BillyWho also makes a ManFunnel for the CRF450R. Billy sent us one and we handed it off to a member of the staff who owns a CRF450. Click here for the review.

Product Review written by Lanny Geisler.


When I first got my hands on the BillyWho ManFunnel, I thought it was one strange looking funnel. It doesn't look like a funnel until you get it out of the
package. What it is, is a custom shaped funnel for doing the messiest job on an XR650R, changing the oil. Like other XR's, the XR650R has two oil drains, one in the front downtube on the frame and one on the lower, left hand side of the engine cases. The latter is a pain in the exhaust port because after the majority of the oil comes gushing out, the residual oil pours slowly onto the frame and finds creative ways to explore the underside of the bike. This is made worse by the stock skid plate on the 650 which is molded plastic neatly around the cases and frame. This makes a nice bowl for dirty oil to swim in.
Consequently, most XR650R owners remove the skidplate (whether it be the stock plastic plate or an aftermarket aluminum) so only the frame and cases need wiping after the oil change. Total time: about an hour.

Enter the ManFunnel from BillyWho. The funnel clamps directly onto the frame underneath the drain plug. I guessed that some of the oil would still make it
over the funnel as it come out fast at first. Not so. The ManFunnel does exactly what it was designed to do. The oil comes out and runs down a channel,
makes a small right turn and drops down into your drain bucket. No mess, no fuss, no skidplate removal. Somebody woke up somewhere and said "why" and found a good solution. I wish there were more to describe but after the oil has drained, replace the plug and grab your manfunnel and walk away. No mess to clean up, nada, zippo, zilch.

The ManFunnel also has another function. It is designed to help you add oil to your precious pig without making a mess. Remove your dipstick and the
ManFunnel sits neatly on the filler neck, ready for replenishment. The funnel area is not huge so you can overfill if your not paying attention. Again, it does
what its supposed to. The only flaw I can see in the ManFunnel is that it doesn't clamp anywhere onto the filler neck but this is minor. If one can't hold the
funnel in place with one hand and pour with the other, you shouldn't be anywhere near an XR650R anyway. Good product! Where was it on my old XR600?

CRF450 ManFunnel Review

Product Review written by John Bullington.

I have used the Billy Who ManFunnel to change my oil a couple times now. I have bought a lot of gimmicks before that don't work worth a crap. But I must say the ManFunnel is well worth the $15.99. It clips on to the frame nicely and catches all the oil coming out of both oil reservoirs with out any spills. As it drains the oil, it comes out a small drain hole on the ManFunnel. This works great if you don't have a big oil drain pan or if you are draining the oil back into an old empty oil can. After most of your oil has drained, the guard clips onto the ManFunnel and blocks splattering oil when you kick the kick starter a couple times to get more oil out. The ManFunnel also works nicely as a funnel to pour the new oil back into the bike. The funnel is the right size so it fits into the oil hole just right and holds itself stable when pouring the oil in. With the CRF450 it is hard to get to the transmission oil intake hole, because the exhaust pipe is so close to it. The ManFunnel makes it much easier not to spill the oil all over the side of your bike. The ManFunnel is also very easy to wipe clean unlike most funnels that have a long spout that is hard to get a rag in. I change both oils reservoir on my bike every two rides. I am truly impressed with the ManFunnel, it has not only saved me time, it takes a lot of the mess out of the job. If you change your oil on your CRF450 as often as you should, the ManFunnel is a must have.


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