Testing the Helmet Comm!

April 2004

Well for some time now I have been looking for a radio that would work in a helmet and actually be able to hear while riding. There are two types suitable for mounting in a helmet. There are helmet radios that are specifically designed to mount on the side of the helmet and contain all parts of the radio in the same unit. The other type is where you use a more conventional radio (handheld) and then plug in a headset that mounts into your helmet. I chose to go with this type as it makes the radio more practical to own since you don't need to be wearing your helmet to use the handheld radio. (I can use it with my family at the park or wherever).

After doing some research, I found the Helmet Comm website and called them to get more info. It turns out they are located about 20 miles away so I made an appointment to go meet them at their shop. Helmet Comm is actually owned by Precision Electronics who specialize in selling and repairing two way radios for commercial and consumer applications. Their shop is full of the electronic gadgets needed to test and repair two way radios. They specialize in VHF and UHF radios but as the FRS and GMRS radios have become more popular, they became involved with them as well.

I told them I was most interested in the GMRS radios due to the best cost/range ratio and asked what they recommend. For GMRS they recommend a radio by Midland called the G-28. They have tested many radios including the Motorola and like this Midland unit the best. It is a handheld unit and it's rated at 2 watts output (although the guys at Helmet Comm claim this radio puts out closer to 3 watts with fresh batteries!)

This is what came with the package I received.

xr650r xr650r

The helmet Comm which is only $99.00 and then I went with the Midland G-28 for another $75




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