Installing the Deluxe Woods Pro Aluminum Handguards for tapered handlebars and their new add on plastic handguard shields by Maier Manufacturing.      Check out Maier Manufacturing's website here.

A lot of companies create aluminum handguards for dirt bikes but how many create handguards for the new crop of tapered handle bars like the Answer Pro-Taper and the Renthal Fatbar? After doing some searching, I found out that Maier makes just what I was looking for. The aluminum pieces are very heavy duty looking and should stand up to a lot of abuse. I like the idea of having the plastic shield bolt on so if you wreck and brake the plastic, you only replace the plastic. The part numbers are # 59540 for the aluminum handguards and #595172 for the plastic handguard shields.

My only complaint was that I had to bend them a little to get them to fit but I cut 5/8 of an inch off each end of my Pro-Tapers so that they were the same length as the stock bars. Bending the handguards was a problem I created.

This is what the pieces look like before installing them.


A) The first step to mounting these handguards is to determine if they are going to work on your application. Start by installing the clamp assemblies onto the tapered portion of the handlebar. Since the bar is tapered, there will be very little adjustment clamp-wise in this area.
B) Hold the handguard up to the end of the handlebar and determine if the handguard will reach the previously installed clamp assembly. There are a few ways to adjust the fit here... The aluminum handguard may have to be bent to get the hole in the Bar to line up with the mount... the handlebars may have to be shortened, or the clamp mounting hole in the bar can be redrilled to shorten up the bar.
C) If it looks like the handguards will work on your handlebars then follow the below steps.
xr650r 1. Cut off the end of the left side grip flush with the end of the handlebar.
2. Cut off the end of the throttle side grip flush with the end of the plastic throttle sleeve (some throttles may have a solid plastic end, on these, use a hack saw to carefully cut off the end of the plastic sleeve. Be sure to remove and burrs after cutting). Slide the throttle assembly inward until approximately 1/8" of the handlebar protrudes past the end of the throttle assembly.
3. Insert the handguard with the fixing bolt assembly installed into the end of the handlebar. (Please note, the large 8mm washer is for use on the throttle side only. The washer goes between the handguard and the handlebar to prevent dirt and grit from entering the throttle barrel). Please refer to the drawing.
4. Bolt the Inboard portion of the handguard to the clamp. The handguard should fit flush against the clamp. If it does not, adjust the angle by carefully bending the guard... Obtaining a perfect fit reduces the chance of the handguard rotating during a severe impact.
5. When the handguards are properly positioned, they should be pointing down at approximately a 10' angle. In no way should the handguards be angled in an upward direction!! They should never be positioned at any angle higher than level with the ground.
xr650r Here is the aluminum handguards installed.

Here is the aluminum handguards with the plastic handguard shields installed.




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