Trail Boss Tour's Baja Ride! The ultimate Baja adventure!


The ride of a lifetime, riding in Baja. After doing some research on riding in Baja, I quickly determined that I better hire a touring company. The only Spanish I speak is counting from one to ten so I knew that if I got myself lost and couldn't talk to the locals I could be in big trouble.

After talking with others who have ridden in Baja and who have hired a touring company to take them, I decided Trail Boss Tours was the best. They have done over 1,000 tours! They have dealt with all the possible things that could go wrong and plan accordingly. I wanted to experience Baja without worrying about meals, lodging, gas, snacks, etc. I wanted to just ride. After reading through Trail Boss Tour's entire website, I picked up the phone and called them. Both Chris and Nancy where very friendly and answered all of my questions and concerns. They are both very knowledgeable about riding in Baja and have been riding all of their lives down there.

The dotted line is the path through Baja that we took according to my GPS device that came along for the ride.

Thursday, March 14
I left Northern California with my XR650R and my riding gear, I was not looking forward to the 450 mile drive to Cardiff by the Sea (where Chris and Nancy Steward live). About 11:00pm I pulled up in the Trail Boss Tours driveway and crashed in my truck.
Friday, March 15

The next morning Chris and Nancy were busy making the last preparations for our trip. There were eleven people scheduled on this four day Mike's Sky Ranch ride. The riders that came on this trip were Bill Susser, Brian Hoth, Chris Steward, Emory Maglich, Frank Cominski, James Grasso, Kevin Donelson, Kevin Martini, Mike Olson, Nancy Steward, Ron Speed.

Around 1:00pm the whole group was headed toward the Mexican border. We crossed the border in Rancho Tecate, Mexico. By 4:00pm we where at our hotel in Rancho Tecate. No riding was scheduled today because a lot of Trail Boss Tour's clients fly in from the East coast and generally need the afternoon and evening to relax. The activities included golf, visiting the hotel bar or just sleep! Around 7:00pm the hotel restaurant set up a huge table full of appetizers. Then around 8:00pm we sat down to eat. The menu was excellent! A number of seafood dishes were included on the menu or for the truly American (like myself) a big steak! After dinner, it was time for bed as we were told tomorrow's ride would be around 150 miles to our next destination.

Here are a few pictures of Rancho Tecate.

xr650r xr650r xr650r
The hotel parking lot in Rancho Tecate Golf anyone? A view of the hotel
xr650r xr650r xr650r
Appetizers at the bar Traditional Mexican architecture From our hotel room

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