Trail Boss Tour's Baja Ride! The ultimate Baja adventure! (continued from page 1)

Saturday, March 16

Well, I didn't sleep too well last night. I was just too excited about riding today (and a little pissed off that it rained all night). Coffee and hot chocolate was available for those who wanted it at 7:00am. Everyone was supposed to meet for breakfast at 7:30am in the hotel restaurant. It was still raining. I kept hoping that it would quit as I really like to see the sun when I ride. Chris and Nancy kept assuring us that the weather would be okay and that all this rain would be to our benefit (no dust!) Breakfast was excellent! I had traditional Mexican scrambled eggs and hashbrowns with all the fresh orange juice I could drink.

After Breakfast I went back to my room with my long time friend and riding buddy Mike and we packed up our belongings, got all of our riding gear on, and left our bags at our door. Trail Boss Tour's crew would come to each of our rooms and load up our bags. Wow, now this is good service. Nothing to worry about but riding!

We were told to be out by the bikes between 8:30-9:00am and be ready to ride. It was still raining by 8:30 so I just figured it was going to rain all day and we had better get used to it. Just as we were all climbing on to the bikes, the rain quit and the sun came out. It was still a little chilly but I wouldn't be wet and cold as long as it wasn't raining. Finally we were off!

Today's ride would take us 138 miles, when we finally arrived in Ensenada, our bags where already in our rooms! I could really get used to this kind of service. After a quick walk around the hotel for a few photos, I put on the swimming suit and headed for the hot tub. At 8:00pm we met for dinner in the hotel restaurant and had an excellent feast!

Here are a few pictures of our first day riding.


Someone left their truck! Some old mud hut. Break time
Still break time Trail Boss Tour's relief truck One of many water crossings
Lunch time First flat for the day! Last break
The hotel in Ensenada Wow this is nice! Yes, there is a hot tub!

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