Trail Boss Tour's Baja Ride! The ultimate Baja adventure! (continued from page 2)

Sunday, March 17

I slept much better in Ensenada than I had the night before, (most likely because I am seriously out of shape). In the morning we met at 7:30am in the hotel restaurant for breakfast. After eating another excellent breakfast with fresh orange juice (did I mention I love orange juice?), I went back to the hotel to pack my stuff and get my riding clothes on for the day.

We where to be ready to ride at 8:30 am just like the morning before. Today's ride would take us from Ensenada to San Quintin and was about 148 miles according to the GPS. It would take us most of the way along the coast. About 20 miles or so right along the beach. It was there I hit my high speed of the trip about 94 mph. The cool thing about riding along the beach was the excellent traction. It rained on and off throughout the day but rarely did it rain enough to cause us trouble.

When we arrived in San Quintin, most of the group was pretty tired and worn out. I lay down on my bed and relaxed for a little while. Then we went out and took some pictures.

We ended up eating at a Bar and restaurant next door to the hotel as the hotel's restaurant was closed for remodeling. I had some very excellent shrimp for dinner that night. Right after dinner I headed home and went to bed.

Here are a few pictures of our second day riding.

Coming up some road A view out to the Pacific Ocean Another view
Close to the beach now Time for a break Lunch time
Still lunch time Time for an afternoon snack Naptime anyone?
A rusted out ship A beached tug boat Hotel in San Quintin


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